Grass Supply & Installation

Grass Supply & Installation

artificial grass

Artificial grass has grown so much in popularity over the years here in Ireland and we are equipped in keeping up with the latest trends.


Our specialist pavers are trained in installing porcelain, granite and much much more.


We have fully qualified carpenters ready to install all kinds of fencing. Get in touch to find out more and explore the different options.


Synthetic Style Co. offers a range of outdoor lighting from spike lights to up and down lights. We have fully qualified electricians on hand to handle any lighting needs for your garden


We offer an array of flowerbeds, from simple garden sleepers to Connemara walling and sand and cement render. We have a choice for every budget.

Unsure of what grass to choose?

Unsure of which grass you want for your home or business? Why not request a free sample from our range using the order form below. Your sample should be with you within 5-7 days.

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Rolls come in 5 metre, 4 metre width and 2 metre width cut to a length of no longer than 25 metres. For any queries please contact us at or call us on (01) 4505 858 with more details and we will happy to make a home visit.